Season Summary

Union College Bulldogs Basketball - Season Summary

DateOverallConfSiteScoreOpponentHigh PointHigh Rebounder
11/03/2006 1- 0AW 68-67Berry College13-J Gibbons7-C Stunson
11/04/2006 2- 0NW 82-77Shorter College18-J Gibbons6-M Hunter
11/07/2006 3- 0AW 97-88Alice Lloyd21-A Dunaway8-A Dunaway
11/10/2006 3- 1NL 73-91Campbellsville University18-M Hunter, R Bretz7-M Hunter
11/11/2006 3- 2AL 63-65Lindsey Wilson College18-J Gibbons7-K Jones
11/18/2006 4- 2HW 90-86Pikeville College30-A Dunaway5-R Bretz, M Hunter
11/21/2006 5- 2HW 90-80Alice Lloyd33-M Hunter15-M Hunter
11/28/2006 5- 3 0- 1AL 67-80King College17-A Dunaway7-K Jones
11/30/2006 6- 3HW 96-70Kentucky Christian University18-A Coote, M Hunter13-B Kirk
12/02/2006 6- 4 0- 2HL 66-80Montreat College20-R Bretz8-K Jones
12/05/2006 6- 5 0- 3AL 77-84Covenant College26-C Stunson8-K Jones, B Kirk
12/09/2006 6- 6 0- 4HL 85-91 OTTennessee Wesleyan College20-A Dunaway10-M Hunter
12/15/2006 6- 7NL 78-96Shawnee State University27-D Vance5-A Dunaway
12/16/2006 6- 8AL 86-87Univ. of Rio Grande26-A Dunaway10-M Hunter
12/29/2006 6- 9AL 91-93Trevecca Nazarene University21-D Vance7-K Jones
12/30/2006 6-10NL 82-105Mountain State University16-J Gibbons, D Vance8-M Hunter
01/04/2007 6-11 0- 5HL 84-105Bluefield College22-D Vance11-M Hunter
01/06/2007 6-12 0- 6AL 81-90Virginia Intermont College22-A Dunaway, D Vance8-A Coote
01/09/2007 7-12 1- 6HW 78-72Milligan College26-A Dunaway6-A Dunaway
01/13/2007 8-12 2- 6AW 87-79Bryan College23-C Stunson6-C Stunson
01/16/2007 8-13 2- 7AL 60-86UVa-Wise13-D Vance5-D Vance
01/20/2007 8-14 2- 8HL 79-89 OTKing College17-D Vance10-R Bretz, M Hunter
01/23/2007 8-15 2- 9AL 66-85Montreat College14-A Dunaway6-R Bretz
01/27/2007 9-15 3- 9HW 81-74Covenant College13-R Bretz7-M Hunter
01/30/2007 9-16 3-10AL 76-85Tennessee Wesleyan College13-A Dunaway10-B Miller
02/03/2007 9-17 3-11AL 79-103Bluefield College29-A Dunaway7-A Dunaway
02/06/200710-17 4-11HW 88-77Virginia Intermont College24-A Dunaway6-A Dunaway, H v Heyden
02/10/200710-18 4-12AL 59-92Milligan College13-C Stunson7-A Coote
02/13/200711-18 5-12HW 82-73Bryan College17-J Hughes12-J Hughes
02/17/200712-18 6-12HW 90-80UVa-Wise23-A Dunaway8-J Hughes
02/22/200712-19NL 70-87Montreat College20-J Hughes8-A Coote

Team Statistics Summary
Berry College20/564/2224/36681224362911204130
Shorter College22/676/2332/37822520452711211130
Alice Lloyd31/657/2028/4097113142311515250
Campbellsville University28/546/1611/2073132134221025660
Lindsey Wilson College18/546/2021/306319183739719170
Pikeville College30/558/1922/299092433252012840
Alice Lloyd27/562/1034/4590123446211420370
King College22/558/2015/22676202628617240
Kentucky Christian University39/792/1416/2096154358222113360
Montreat College24/674/1714/1966162541241220770
Covenant College33/874/187/877232750291213380
Tennessee Wesleyan College30/744/1821/2785253257291622450
Shawnee State University25/619/2219/237810162630415350
Univ. of Rio Grande30/6115/2511/1586103141211620340
Trevecca Nazarene University33/6014/2311/1191112334281823250
Mountain State University24/7014/4020/2782172340251317250
Bluefield College29/674/2322/31841323362315215130
Virginia Intermont College31/7510/249/1381181937241013570
Milligan College26/549/1817/2178121729211520460
Bryan College31/597/1918/24871129402320232120
King College29/657/2114/1779132942231819250
Montreat College25/713/1213/1466121931151313140
Covenant College27/645/1422/3181132740221119690
Tennessee Wesleyan College29/625/1713/2176102838291121460
Bluefield College34/645/146/157992231171523460
Virginia Intermont College34/714/1816/1888142539161617550
Milligan College19/615/2216/2359131932251213450
Bryan College29/603/1321/30821925442212214110
Montreat College29/583/139/207082129231319340

Individual Season Highs
Most Pts:  33  M Hunter vs. Alice Lloyd
Most Fgm:  14  M Hunter vs. Alice Lloyd
Most Fga:  21  A Dunaway vs. Virginia Intermont College
Most 3pm:  A Dunaway vs. Multiple Oppo.
Most 3pa:  13  D Vance vs. Mountain State University
Most Ftm:  12  C Stunson vs. Shorter College
Most Fta:  15  J Gibbons vs. Lindsey Wilson College
Most Reb:  15  M Hunter vs. Alice Lloyd
Most Orb:  M Hunter vs. Alice Lloyd
Most Drb:  11  B Kirk vs. Kentucky Christian University
Most Ast:  J Gibbons vs. Trevecca Nazarene University
Most Stl:  Multiple Players
Most Blk:  Multiple Players
Team Season Highs
Most Pts:  97  vs. Alice Lloyd
Most Fgm:  39  vs. Kentucky Christian University
Most Fga:  87  vs. Covenant College
Most 3pm:  15  vs. Univ. of Rio Grande
Most 3pa:  40  vs. Mountain State University
Most Ftm:  34  vs. Alice Lloyd
Most Fta:  45  vs. Alice Lloyd
Most Reb:  56  vs. Kentucky Christian University
Most Orb:  25  vs. Shorter College
Most Drb:  43  vs. Kentucky Christian University
Most Ast:  21  vs. Kentucky Christian University
Most Stl:  13  vs. Berry College
Most Blk:  vs. Pikeville College

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