Union College Athletics Toolbar

We are excited to share with you the new Union College Athletics Toolbar. It will serve as both a Communication and Fundraising tool for supporters of UC Bulldog Athletics.

This is a toolbar that will not replace your existing toolbar. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU. There are no pop-up, adware, spyware or tracking and will respect a users privacy. It is easy to download…just click on the link below. It is designed to make your life on the internet easier for receiving and sharing real time information and makes it easy for us to stay connected. ..Also at No cost to you and NO cost to us this will help raise money for Union College Athletics just by doing what you already do every day; Internet searches.

By using the Yahoo! search engine that is conveniently located directly on the Union College Athletics Toolbar you are raising dollars for our organization. Each time you do a search through the toolbar and click on sponsored results (NO purchase required), a contribution is generated to Union College Athletics …AT NO COST TO YOU.

So what are you waiting for?

Please, download yours today!

To download the Union College Athletics Toolbar Click here:

You will then be prompted to take the following steps:

1) You will see optional fields to fill in for e-mail address and zip code

2) Please check box for terms agreement and click on "Download Now" (you can choose to install the toolbar using either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers)

3) At this point a pop-up blocker notice may appear
If the pop-up notice does NOT appear, go on to step No. 4 If the pop-up notice does appear, just click on the yellow notice and hit "Download File"

4) You may then see a message about refreshing the page. Click "Retry."

5) A: Internet Explorer: Click "Click Here", Click Run - Run - Install - Finish
B: Firefox: Click "Start Download Now", Click "Install Now" then Restart Firefox

6) After you click on "Finish" please close your Internet browser and re-open a new browser

7) Click on "View" at the top of your browser and then select "Toolbars."

8) Then click or check the words "Union College Athletics Toolbar" and the Union College Athletics Toolbar should appear on your screen.

For Support and FAQs click here: