All-American Honors

NAIA All-Americans

1984 1985 1986
John Lutrell, LB (HM)
John Luttlrell, LB (HM)
Burely Burkhart, DL (HM)
James Fletcher, RB (HM)
Burley Burkhart, DL (2nd)
John Luttrell, LB (HM)
1987 1989 1991
Matt Quick, P (2nd)
Pete Greene, TE (2nd)
Kevin Bradshaw, KR (1st)
Brendon Miller, P (1st)
1992 1993 1994
Kevin Bradshaw, KR (1st)
J.T. Pennington, OL (HM)
J.T. Pennington, OL (1st)
Jeremy Macejewski, PK (1st)
Vic Wharton, KR (2nd)
Hilton Dixon, OL (HM)
Scottie Hines, DL (HM)
Tyrone Hamilton, LB (HM)
1995 1996 1998
John Fey, DB (2nd)
Jay Fanning, DB (HM)
Scott Russell, RB (HM)
Jay Fanning, DL (HM) Chris Hobbs, P (HM)
2005 2009
Courtney Elesby, WR (HM)
Ernest Johnson, DB (HM)
Quintin Borders, OL (1st)
Quintin Borders, OL (1st)
1st - First Team; 2nd - Second Team; HM - Honorable Mention.
NOTE: In 2006, the American Football Coaches Association All-American Team
became the officially recognized All-American Team for the NAIA. There are only
25 players who make the AFCA NAIA All-American Team each year.

College Fanz Sports Network* All-Americans

2003 2005 2006
James McClain, KR (3rd)
Courtney Elesby, WR (4th)
Ernest Johnson, DB (4th)
Joey Waters, QB (HM)
Patrick O'Neal, LB (2nd)
2007 2008
Patrick O'Neal, LB (2nd)
Joey Waters, QB (HM)
Kyle Callahan, WR (HM)
Willie Williams, LB (2nd)
Quintin Borders, OL (HM)
Kyle Callahan, WR (HM)
Ty Harris, DB (HM)
Terence Pollock, RB (HM)
Marekus Smith, LB (HM)
Quintin Borders, OL (2nd)

Quintin Borders, OL (1st)
Armond Smith, RB (1st)

1st - First Team; 2nd - Second Team; 3rd - Third Team; 4th - Fourth Team;
HM - Honorable Mention.
*-formerly NAIAFootball.Net and Victory Sports Network

Don Hansen's Football Gazette NAIA All-Americans

1995 1998 2000
Jeremy Macejewski, PK (2nd)
Chris Hobbs, P (3rd)
Brandon Hawkins, KR (HM)
Lavarus McCloud, DB (2nd)
Tally Adams, DB (HM)
Stanley Niece, QB (HM)
Jay Reed, WR/KR (HM)
Jim Maynor, WR (HM)
Andar Niece, LB (HM)
Mark Applegate, DL (HM)
2001 2002 2003
Tally Adams, DB (HM)
Ernie Samuel, WR (HM)
Bart Elam, QB (HM)
Tally Adams, DB (HM)
Tim Daniels, DL (HM)
Kenneth Jarrett, LB (HM)
Herman Lovett, LB (HM)
Jason Buster, P (3rd)
Brandon Cunningham, PK (HM)
Ernest Johnson, DB (HM)
James McClain, RS (HM)
Bobby Wolfe, DB (HM)
2004 2005 2006
Ernest Johnson, DB (1st)
Foster Brodus, DB^ (3rd)
Jason Buster, P (3rd)
Courtney Elesby, WR (HM)
Ernest Johnson, DB (HM)
Caleb Jones, DL (HM)
Brandon Webb, LB (HM)
Brandon Webb, LB (1st)
Patrick O'Neal, LB (HM)
1st - First Team; 2nd - Second Team; 3rd - Third Team; HM - Honorable Mention; ^ - Made
team as an all-purpose back.