Bulldogs In The Pros
Lucas Okolie - Atlanta Silverbacks (A-League)
Rodrigo Costa - Indiana Blast (A-League), Detroit Dynamite* (PDL)
Derek Smith - Minnesota Thunder (USL First Division); Virginia Beach Mariners (A-League); Cocoa Expos (PDL); Cincinnati Kings (USL Second Division); West Michigan Edge (PDL); Columbus Crew (MLS)
Ademir de Barros Jr. - West Michigan Edge (PDL)
Lucas Okolie - Indiana Invaders (PDL)
Paulo Canineu Neto - West Michigan Edge (PDL)
Fernando Piza - West Michigan Edge (PDL)
Rudy Argueta - Indiana Invaders (PDL)
Brian DeBolt - Indiana Invaders (PDL)
Danilo Martins - Cocoa Expos (PDL)
D.J. Rodriguez - Clarksville Gunners (PDL)
Patrick Bueno - London City SC (CSL); Louisville Lighting (PASL)
Callum Tychowski - Louisville River City Rovers (PDL); Derby City Rovers (PDL)
Dino Sefer - Louisville River City Rovers (PDL)
Joe Butcher - Michigan Bucks (PDL); Gulf Coast Texans (NPSL)
Jonathan Watson - Gulf Coast Texans (NPSL); Knoxville Force (NPSL)
Tyler Brock - Cincinnati Cheetahs (PDL)
Thomas Trammell - Cocoa Beach Expos (PDL)
Justin Maddock - Louisville Lighting (PASL)
Jonathan Shaw - Cincinnati Kings (PDL); Knoxville Force (PDL)
Alex Smith - Knoxville Force (NPSL)
Chris Riley - Knoxville Force (NPSL)
Luke Hitchman - Knoxville Force (NPSL)

*-Costa was named "Rookie of the Year" in the PDL when he played for Detroit; A-League is the top league in the United Soccer Leagues system. It is one step below Major League Soccer and serves as the MLS's top farm league; (PDL) - Premier Development League is a semi-pro league that has both amateurs and professional players on its rosters; (CSL)- Canadian Soccer League; (NPSL) - National Premier Soccer League; (MLS) - Major League Soccer; (PASL) - Professional Arena Soccer League.