Jerry W. Carey Stadium at Colonel Harland Sanders

Jerry W. Carey Stadium at Harland Sanders Field
Home of the Bulldogs

Photos: Virtual Tour of Jerry Carey Stadium/Baseball Locker Room

The beautiful Jerry W. Carey Baseball Stadium at Colonel Sanders Field is the home of the Union College baseball team. The field was named in honor of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sanders Field sits in the heart of the Union College campus and boasts of having one of the finest playing surfaces in the state. Dedicated on April 3, 2004, the stadium was named in honor of alum, trustee and long-time friend Jerry W. Carey.

The infield and outfield is Bermuda grass with an automated sprinkler system that covers the entire playing surface. The infield is composed of red clay and conditioner that allows the field to drain well along with providing a smooth fielding surface.

Down both the right and left field lines, it measures 325 feet and is 395 feet to center field. Built during the fall of 2002, the outfield wall is wooden and measures 7.5 feet high in left and right field and is 13.5 feet tall in center field.

A nine-inning scoreboard, 500 seat grandstand and press box, and large dugouts round out the facility. Lights should accompany the field in the near future making Sanders Field truly a special place to watch a college baseball game.

The facility now includes a newly-constructed indoor practice facility in honor of Dan L. Sullivan. Inside are new batting cages.